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Drain Unblocking

Blocked drains can occur without notice and can cause disruption, unpleasant odours, flooding and in some cases even damage to  property.

There are many reasons for a Drain to become blocked. Fats, grease and chemicals can build up and solidify in the Drains and restrict the Drains diameter which will obstruct the free flow of waste water and solids.

Tree roots can often infect the pipes and also, too much material can be flushed down the toilet, or material that is not designed to be flushed will cause blockages eg. wet wipes.

Blocked-Drains._Hydroblast_picture.jpgDont worry! We can get your drain working for you again!

NZ Drainage can clear a blocked drain by high pressure water jetting, or by using other rotary mechanical methods. Most household blockages can be effectively unblocked using the hydroblast method.

We can unblock:

*Bath Drain

*Drain Unblocking

*Manhole Unblocking

*Unblocking Basement Drain

*Surface Water Drain Unblocking

*Unblocking Grease Trap

*Unblocking Gully Drain

*Unblocking Sink Drain

*Toilet Drain Unblocking

*Underground Drain Unblocking

*Shower Drain Unblocking

*Channel Drain Unblocking

*Foul Water Drain Unblocking

*Rain Water Drain Unblocking