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French Drain

what is a french drain? well, if you have a boggy lawn or excess flooding you may need one!

 image_of_french_drain.jpgA French Drain

A French drain is a creative solution for controlling a lot of water invisibly. A French Drain is similar to a dry creek bed, except the water flows underground though a drainpipe enclosed in a gravel-filled trench. Its effective because water flows though the gravel or drainage scoria, much more quickly than through soil.

The pipe of a French Drain has specially designed punched holes to let the water enter the pipe and be swiftly guided to a new area.

The water migrates into the trench and flows out of a drain at its end point.

This house pictured has excess flooding on the yard and you can see that the water has also entered the garage and possible basement area.



The French Drain in this picture was made into an attractive footpath.
French Drains can also be disguised by laying turf over them.




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